John C. Reilly's 'Terri' Gets A Heartfelt Trailer

[caption id="attachment_46322" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="ATO Pictures"]Jacob Wysocki and John C. Reilly in "Terri"[/caption]

At long last, some of the smaller films Sundance and SXSW are beginning to trickle out with trailers and release dates for those of us unlucky enough to have stayed home and missed all the fun.

One of these is the dramedy "Terri," which stars John C. Reilly, Jacob Wysocki, Creed Bratton, Bridger Zadina and Olivia Crocicchia.

"Terri" centers on a overweight teenager (Wysocki) who lives with his sick uncle (Bratton) and is singled out by his school for his awkward and nonconforming behavior. But Mr. Fitzgerald (Reilly) takes a special interest in him, and helps him realize that being associated with the other social outcasts can actually be better than being alone. The fact that the other "losers" happen to be bad girls (Zadina and Crocicchia) who take Terri into their confidence undoubtedly helps. Eventually, Terri becomes a little more accepted and a lot more comfortable in his skin.

The film received positive reviews at Sundance and was picked up by ATO Pictures for distribution. "Terri" goes into limited release on July 1, and hopefully will be successful enough to merit a wider release.

Check out the trailer, released on Apple, and see if it's a film you want to add to your summer list.