Get Your Trunks Wet With Six 'Water for Elephants' Clips

[caption id="attachment_25653" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Fox"]Water for Elephants[/caption]

It seems nowadays that any successful novel will inevitably be adapted into a film. Sometimes these movies will respect and even improve upon the source material ("Trainspotting," "The Godfather"), while other times they'll do the complete opposite ("The Da Vinci Code," "The Time Traveler's Wife").

Thank goodness that Sara Gruen's beloved  "Water for Elephants" looks like it will fall in the former category.

With a classic golden-aged Hollywood romance between the alluring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, a fiery Christoph Waltz switching from the  SS uniform to circus-trainer pants, and another visually stunning performance from Hollywood's favorite elephant Tai, "Elephants" could be one of the most engaging movies of the year.

To warm you up for this movie parade, here are six clips from the show.

1. August (Waltz) introduces the magnificent Rosie the Elephant to the rest of the circus crew, and tries to convince Marlena (Witherspoon) that riding her is a piece of cake.

2. Jacob (Pattinson) and Marlena meet Rosie, as Marlena wonders if the elephant is flirting with Jacob. No need to worry Marlena, Rosie is known to be a tease.

3. As Jacob is about to jump from the train, he pleads for Marlena to join him. Maybe you should wait until the train stops dude, then she'd probably say yes.

4. Jacob stands his ground as he meets August for the first time. Deaf much Jacob? You were told NOT to bring up Ringling Bros! Sheesh.

5. Marlena sheds light on her bleak upbringing and how she became a star attraction. Who else thinks that Jacob just gives the movie pick-up line of the year here?

6. An angry August and his staff get ready to throw Jacob from the train. Piece of advice J, don't mess around with August, this is his show.

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