Yikes! Perez Hilton To Make Acting Debut In Michael Jackson Murder Story

[caption id="attachment_46164" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Perez Hilton[/caption]

Though he knows many things, whether it's railing against the cast of "Gossip Girl" or outing a lawnmower for being gay, one thing blogger Perez Hilton does not know is the word "shame." In fact, he probably thinks "shame" is some hot new bondage club where Regis Philbin goes to let off steam.

The celebrity gossip hound is notorious for dishing out the insults, but now there's a chance the brash young Hilton could be on the receiving end of the criticism as he launches his acting career… in Bollywood, no less.

According to Variety, Hilton will have a cameo in the film "A * Is Killed," directed by Frenchie Christophe Lenoir and starring Indian actor Himesh Reshammiya as a musician obsessed with a Michael Jackson-esque superstar who is killed under suspicious circumstances. If you want to see a lot of actors you've never heard of looking stunned over the death of someone you don't see, check out the teaser trailer here.

The self-described "Queen Of All Media," Hilton will be playing a version of himself as a "truth-seeking proponent of justice," which is ironic considering when Michael Jackson died Hilton initially blogged that the star faked his cardiac arrest to get out of touring. He'll definitely be a proponent of something…

Says Hilton, "In the world of the movie, I had a friendship with the character who passes away. It’s pretty cool, and something I’ve always wanted to do!"

On a side note, we love movies that use cutesy symbols in the title like "I ♥ Huckabees" or now "A * Is Killed." Is it too late to change the title of "Th☺r"?

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