Danes And Marsden Are Mom And Dad In 'As Cool As I Am'

[caption id="attachment_46078" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Claire Danes[/caption]

Wait a minute... Claire Danes is old enough to be the mother of a teenager?

Okay, before you freak out, rest assured that even though Claire is indeed playing the mom of a teen in "As Cool As I Am," the fact that she's so young herself is part of the whole premise. Whew.

"As Cool As I Am" tells the story of Lucy Diamond, the teen daughter of self-centered parents who married when they themselves were teenagers. Claire Danes and James Marsden have joined the cast as the young parents, according to The Wrap.

It seems like just yesterday that Danes was playing a teenager on "My So-Called Life" and Marsden was playing a teenager in "Disturbing Behavior" (remember that one? It kind of rocks, actually). But it wasn't yesterday... it was (gulp!) the '90s.

"As Cool As I Am," based on Pete Fromm's coming-of-age novel, will be directed by Max Mayer, who recently directed Danes' real-life husband, Hugh Dancy, in "Adam." Shooting will commence in New Mexico in May.

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