James Franco and Winona Ryder Sign Up For 'The Stare'

[caption id="attachment_28531" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]James Franco[/caption]

James Franco may have eight movies (that we know about!) and a Ph.D in pre-production, but that hasn't stopped him from signing onto any gig (movie, art production, soap opera, etc.) that interests him.

We're tired just reading and writing about the latest thing that he's up to, but we'll slug some coffee and tell you about his latest role, which finds him starring alongside Winona Ryder.

According to Deadline, Franco and Ryder have signed on to an independent thriller called "The Stare." Ryder actually has the starring role as a playwright whose mind begins to crack under the pressure of starting a new production. (Reminiscent of Ryder's latest outing, "Black Swan", isn't it?) She becomes convinced that she is being watched. But is she merely becoming paranoid and unstable, or could there actually be a plot to bring her to the edge of insanity? And what part does Franco -- who is playing an actor in her play -- play in it all? We can't wait to find out.

"The Stare" won't be just any old movie though. It's the fledgling production of Waterstone Entertainment, who will be financing and producing two of Franco's other films, including one he wants to direct. The success of the company (and the fate of Franco's two films) is tied closely with Ryder and Franco's drama. No pressure, guys...

There's no start date on "The Stare" and with Franco's busy plate, it could take awhile to get before cameras. We'll keep you updated. Now, we're off to report on the nine projects Franco signed onto while we took the time to write about this one... just kidding. (Maybe).