Cool Clicks: Chris Klein Gets Oz-ed Up for 'American Reunion'

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Even though Oz didn't make it to Jim's wedding, he'll still be coming to the high school reunion. People reports that Chris Klein is confirmed to reprise his role in the upcoming "American Pie" franchise sequel.

The official "Hunger Games" Facebook has launched a sweet new "Tributes Casting Tab," complete with today's big news naming Thresh and Rue!

Still having a landline phone can lead to pretty bad things. Empire has 10 movie phone calls it'd be best not to take.

Those Rancho Carne Toros were meant for the stage. Buzzfeed has this preview video of "Bring It On: The Musical."

Martin Scorsese may be the master of orchestrated movie violence, but the director has a pretty damn good taste in music too. Houston Press has seven musical moments from classic Scorsese films.

Spoiler Alert for all, well, good movie/tv fans! Cracked has the answers to seven hotly debated movie questions. Frankly, the "Lost in Translation" whisper is better left a mystery.

Just in case "Empire Strikes Back" was too complicated for you, SlashFilm has retold the movie in quirky iconoscope form.

Autobots, move out! ComingSoon talks to Michael Bay about "Transformers: Dark of the Moon."

Total Film details the story behind one of sci-fi's most influential action epics, "Predator."

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