Anna Faris to Bring Funny Side of Stalking to Big Screen

[caption id="attachment_31602" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Anna Faris[/caption]

Comedienne extraordinaire Anna Faris is about to take her funny girl schtick to the next level. The flaxen-haired beauty has sold her untitled stalker comedy pitch to Paramount, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While details are still thin, the story focuses on an unsuspecting nurse named Paige (Faris), whose new roommate, Ginny, seems friendly at first but turns out to be a stalker from hell.

So yes, in a nutshell, it's "Single White Female": The Comedy.

It's not surprising that the idea for the project stemmed from Faris' real life, when she told her agent and manager a funny story about a "roommate incident" that she had experienced.

The idea was then developed by writer Deanna Kizis and Palak Patel. Kizis will pen the actual script, and Faris will not only star, but also executive produce.

This unnamed project is of course in the early stages, but you can next catch Faris in the rom-com "What's Your Number," which hits theaters September 30.

And though we may have to wait a while to see Faris' psycho-roommate comedy on the silver screen, one thing is certain: She's no dumb blonde—she just plays one in the movies.

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