Hugh Laurie is Andrew Adamson's 'Mr. Pip'

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Hugh Laurie has certainly mastered the role of pill-popping doctor… but classics-loving mentor? That's one part he has yet to play.

Until now.

Because director Andrew Adamson has tapped the "House" star to play the title character in "Mr. Pip," an adaptation of best-selling novel by Lloyd Jones, Deadline reports.

Laurie will play Mr. Watts, the last white man left on the war-torn island of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, who reopens a school and reads his favorite novel, "Great Expectations," to the students, thereby inspiring a gifted 14-year-old name Matilda.

"From the first words of the novel, and the first image of the screenplay, I was hooked on 'Mr. Pip,' Laurie mused. "It's an immensely touching, unique, yet completely unsentimental story of love. It is unlike any script I have read, or any story I have ever heard."

In other words, he liked it.

"Plus, I get to go to Papua New Guinea and call it work. I am a very lucky man."

We couldn't agree more.

Shooting is slated to begin in New Zealand and on location in Bougainville in May—which means Laurie better start packing his bags soon.