Will Ferrell's 'Casa De Mi Padre' Trailer Es Muy Loco

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No, you're not having a psychotic episode, that really is Will Ferrell speaking Spanish as the lone gringo in an all-Spanish language movie.


After nearly a decade as a leading man, playing drunken frat guys, egotistical racecar drivers, self-important news anchors, ice skating champions, and ex-pimp police officers, you'd think Ferrell had done it all. He even fit a Woody Allen movie in there. Well now he's really going out on a limb as the lead in the nothing-but-Spanish novelty comedy "Casa de Mi Padre," and even we had to slap ourselves hard in the face to prove we weren't hallucinating this brilliance.

Originally announced with a bizarre press release stating that the former "Saturday Night Live" great became attached to the film as the result of a lawsuit, it's actually produced by Ferrell and Adam McKay through their Gary Sanchez shingle, and directed by ex-SNL writer and Emmy-winner Matt Piedmont. You can get a hint of Piedmont's bonkers sensibility through his Sundance award-winning short "Brick Novax's Diary," which was done entirely with dolls and miniature sets.

"Casa de Mi Padre" tells the melodramatic story of Armando Alvarez (Ferrell), a lifelong rancher in Mexico who runs afoul of a fearsome drug lord Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal) after falling in love with his brother Raul's fiancé, Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez). Raul is played by Diego Luna, who will reunite with Bernal after their starmaking turns together in "Y tu mamá también" and "Rudo y Cursi."

The film takes its cues from Latin America's telenovelas, which are long-running series much like soap operas but with a pre-determined end point, described by Telemundo's Patricio Wills as typically centering around "a couple who wants to kiss and a scriptwriter who stands in their way for 150 episodes."

Check out the (clearly unfinished) trailer below, courtesy of Gordon and the Whale!