'Dexter' Star and Creator Team Up for Feature Film

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For five seasons, Michael C. Hall has been slashing, stabbing and suffocating his way through the murderous Showtime dramedy "Dexter," easily one of the network's biggest hits in ages. To say he "kills in the part" is an understatement.

Now with the six season of "Dexter" wrapping up, Hall is eyeing potential big screen projects for his hiatus from the show -- and he might aim to replicate some of the magic he found on the show. This November, Hall will team up with "Dexter" creator James Manos Jr. on the indie film "Love, Scotch and Death," which, Deadline mentions, stars a character not that unlike Manos.

Manos previously won an Emmy for his work on "The Sopranos" before writing a few episodes of "The Shield and eventually adapting Jeff Lindsay's "Dexter" books for TV. "Love, Scotch and Death" will be his first foray into film writing and he'll also make his directing debut. Not a bad idea to cast the charismatic leading man you've spent six years on set with.

The idea for the flick is loosely based on Manos' own, anxiety-ridden experiences (the script was originally titled "The Slow And Complete Decompensation of Jim Manos") and finds Manos encountering a host of characters. The death of Manos' parents opens a Pandora's Box of oddballs, including a pesty funeral director, eccentric priest, "loose" neighbors and, to top it off, his already crazed family. The always-stunning and engrossing Vera Farmiga ("Up in the Air," "Source Code") will co-star with Hall in an unnamed part.

"Dexter" found wild success because it's one of the rare shows to strike a balance between the drama inherent with a murder mystery and Manos/Hall's off-beat humor. If the duo can replicate an ounce of that on the big screen, "Love, Scotch and Death" could be one of 2012's bigger indie hits.