'Odd Thomas' Gets Odder With Patton Oswalt

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It seems like just yesterday that we were telling you about "Scream 4" star Nico Tortorella joining the cast of "Odd Thomas" (oh wait, it was just yesterday) but that's already old news, because today we've got a real scoop for you: comedian Patton Oswalt is also joining the cast of "Odd Thomas."

Now that does actually sound pretty odd, doesn't it.

Here's the quick rundown in case you've somehow forgotten since yesterday: based on the popular series of books by Dean R. Koontz, "Odd Thomas" is set to star Anton Yelchin ("Star trek") as the titular weirdo, a guy who has the unenviable ability to see evil spirits and whatnot. When a bunch of these nasties gang up on his town, Odd Thomas has to figure out what the static is; Willem Dafoe is in talks to play the helpful sheriff, while Tortorella is in line to portray the not-so-helpful deputy.

So where does Oswalt come in? Well, according to Variety, he'll be playing a supporting character by the name of "Ozzie" Boone, an artist friend of Odd Thomas who helps out with his investigation. And the casting choice may be fate: in the novels, the character's full name is P. Oswald Boone. Coincidence? Or the work of mystical forces?

Filming on "Odd Thomas" is set to begin on May 2 for a 2012 release. And don't worry: you can read about every bit of odd news right here as it happens.