ClayGuy Is The New Shaper Of Horror

[caption id="attachment_45215" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="ClayGuy"]ClayGuy - Scream[/caption]

We have such sights to show you.

How would you like your very own Ghostface Killer, one you could fit in your pocket? Or how about the Tall Man from "Phantasm," Ash from "The Evil Dead" or even the eyepatch-wearing, sword-wiedling Robert Englund as the crazy Confederate mayor from "2001 Maniacs?"

The man who calls himself ClayGuy has fashioned all of these horror icons -- and many, many more -- as clay figurines. He's definitely got the tools and the talent, not to mention an appreciation for even the most obscure genre icon (we never would've thought there'd be a clay figure of Cerina Vincent shaving her flesh off in the bathtub from "Cabin Fever," but there is!).

Check out some highlights are below and then take a gander at the entire collection.

ClayGuy - Shaun of the Dead

ClayGuy - Damien

ClayGuy - Ash