Wrestler Trailer Alert: 'That's What I Am' Is a Heavyweight Drama

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The 1960s were a simpler time: geeks were geeks, teachers were role models and professional wrestlers didn't co-star in family oriented indie flicks. But this is the 21st Century -- and nothing proves this point more than the brand new trailer for "That's What I Am."

Here's the dilly: produced by WWE -- you know, the wrestling people -- "That's What I Am" is a heartfelt coming-of-age parable starring Ed Harris as an earnest English teacher who takes a regular kid (Chase Ellison) and a jug-eared pariah (Alexander Waters) under his wing during the mid-60s and teaches them the importance of not being douchebags. And, oh yeah, WWE star Randy Orton is also in it.

Oh, how times have changed.

Of course, this isn't the first film WWE has put together, but most of their earlier efforts had a bit more testosterone (see: "The Scorpion King," "The Marine") and a bit less, you know, message. But the trailer does have a few things going for it: Harris is always excellent and Orton delivers his one line just fine. Plus, we're always a sucker for a good story about nerds and geeks triumphing over adversity, so we're rooting for this one to be good.

Here's the trailer, courtesy of PunchDrunkCritics, and just in time too: "That's What I Am" hits select theaters on April 28: