What the Future Holds Post-Hogwarts for the 'Potter' Kids

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The countdown to the eighth and final "Harry Potter" reaches epic proportions this week with the April 15 DVD and Blu-ray release of "Deathly Hallows Part I."  Friday's release date marks exactly three months before the finale hits theaters.

While many fans may be mourning the end of the film series, fans of the lead actors have reason to celebrate.  The Trio (and Draco) all have signed on to several films recently, a couple of which come out later this year. They're already among the richest young actors in the world, but Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson don't have plans to fade into obscurity.

Take a look at what the Potter kids have in store after the Battle of Hogwarts ends.

Daniel Radcliffe

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During his run as the Boy Who Lived, Potter maintained a low-profile filmography, appearing only in the indie "The December Boys" and on TV in "The Simpsons" and the Ricky Gervais comedy "Extras" (where he played himself). In contrast, he bared all (and we do mean all) for his theatrical debut in "Equus," on London's West End and Broadway. Radcliffe is currently on Broadway again, this time in the critically acclaimed revival "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."

On screen, Radcliffe will deal with more ghosts two months after "Deathly Hallows" hits theaters, in the period thriller "The Woman in Black" (you can check out the recently released trailer here). After that, he's signed to star in a new adaptation of the WWI drama "All Quiet on the Western Front."  He's also attached to Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel's post-apocalyptic comedy "Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse," and the '70s British indie "The Amateur Photographer."

With so many films in the works, the Triple Threat is clearly not going to sit around counting his "Potter" royalties. As he told The New York Times, his mission is "to prove that a child actor can go on to have a career with longevity."

Rupert Grint

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Throughout his 10 years of playing Harry's red-headed bestie, Grint has taken the most extra-"Potter" roles, appearing in the coming-of-age comedy "Driving Lessons," and shaking up his Weasley reputation with the gritty Irish indie "Cherrybomb" and the assassins-for-hire comedy "Wild Target."

Grint is currently in Norway filming director Petter Naess' World War II ensemble "Comrade," which follows a group of downed German and English pilots who must battle the Norwegian winter together. After "Comrade," he'll play fellow ginger Eddie Edwards, England's bumbling Olympic ski-jumper, in the biopic "Eddie the Eagle." He's also in talks about a horror flick called "Cross Country," about a group of pals who go on a camping holiday only to get terrorized and killed off. 

All of these are considerably small productions compared to "Potter" (then again, what isn't?), but Grint's got a surprisingly large fan base that is ready to see him retire as Ron and make his own movie magic apart from the Potter films.

Emma Watson

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When she's not studying at Brown University or taking gigs as a couture and cosmetics spokeswoman (her newest job makes her the face of Lancome), Watson is busy with more young-adult adaptations.

She'll play the hard-partying and very un-Hermione-esque Sam in Stephen Chbosky's high-school drama "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." She’ll also star as Claudia in the steampunk thriller "Incarceron," opposite Taylor Lautner (finally uniting Twi-Hards and Potterheads in one theater).

Both projects keep her in high-profile teen roles, but Watson says she really wants to follow in Radcliffe's footsteps on the Great White Way: "It's something that I've always wanted to do. The idea of having a live audience is just really appealing to me. I think that must be an amazing experience," she told the Associated Press.

Tom Felton

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On screen he's played the much-hated Death Eater-in-training Draco Malfoy, but off-screen, Felton is a fan favorite.

The blond Englishman is already attached to more than five non-Potter films, including his own WWII ensemble, "Grace and Danger," the golfing sports drama "From the Rough," opposite Taraji P. Henson, and the sci-fi origin story "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" with James Franco and Freida Pinto. Like Watson, he's also got a "Twilight" mashup in place with the horror flick "The Apparition," co-starring Ashley Greene.

With his good looks and strong fan following (he's the most active Potter cast member on Twitter), Felton is ready to stop playing the evil foil and start playing the leading man.