Nico Tortorella Is Starting to Creep Us Out (in a Good Way)

[caption id="attachment_45017" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Nico Tortorella[/caption]

Some people just look like creepy murderers.

You know what we mean: they always seem to show up at the bus stop in the middle of the night when all you want to do is get home without being totally weirded out. But in Hollywood, looking like a creepy murderer isn't a bad thing -- in fact, you can make a whole career out of it.

Case in point: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Nico Tortorella, one of the stars of this Friday's super slasher "Scream 4," is now in talks to play the villain in the upcoming supernatural horror thriller "Odd Thomas."

Mom must be so proud.

Not that Tortorella is all that creepy looking; actually, his apple-cheeked boy next door style is what makes him such a perfect candidate to be a deadly murdering secret Satanic cult member. And in "Odd Thomas," an adaptation of a Dean R. Koontz novel,  that's exactly what he would be: the story revolves around a short order cook with mystical powers ("Star Trek"'s Anton Yelchin) tying to save a stranger from said cult.

And "Odd Thomas" would also give Tortorella the chance to work with the reigning king of creepy Hollywood faces, Willem Dafoe, who is set to play the local police chief. Not a bad career start for a kid who, before signing on to play Emma Roberts' off-kilter ex-boyfriend in "Scream 4," had only appeared on the big screen in one unknown indie ("Twelve," which also co-starred Roberts). Of course, "Make It Or Break It" fans will recognize him for his stint as Razor on the ABC Family show.

We've just got one word of advice to pass along to Tortorella: keep it up, but please don't use public transportation tonight. Because you're starting to creep us out -- and that's a very good thing.