Fan-Made 'Footloose' Remake Cuts Loose

[caption id="attachment_44962" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Vimeo"]Fan-made Footloose Remake[/caption]

Why shell out your hard-earned cash to watch another Hollywood remake when you can spend it on making your own remake?

That's exactly what a group of friends did when they heard one of their most beloved films, "Footloose," was being put through the remake machine. They took advantage of that project's many delays to make their own "Footloose" and ended up beating Hollywood to the punch.

Yes, it's a feature-length, fan-made remake of "Footloose." And it was made of the blood, sweat and tears of people who just couldn't take it anymore.

Enjoy, and thanks to FilmDrunk for the find.