Required Reading for a Hogwarts MBA

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Whether it be profound life lessons regarding friendship and loyalty or cool fictional doo-dads we ever-so-wished existed in the real world, the epic "Harry Potter" saga has filled our muggle minds with a staggering amount of wizardly knowledge.

Lucky for you academic magic enthusiasts, Buzzfeed has organized the key concepts of some of Hogwarts most beloved (and reviled) characters into hilarious MBA-style textbooks.

Wanting to adjust the memory of some of your fiercest magical business competitors? Then "Horace Slughorn's Guide to Reaching & Leveraging Influencers" is a must-read for you!

Yearning to climb the ministry's corporate ladder but are lacking modern day digital-wizard capabilities? Sit down with Tom Riddle's "Dark Magic in a Digital World" and soon all the money in Gringotts will be at your wandtips!

In today's struggling magical economy, higher education is a must for any ambitious wizard. Check out Buzzfeed for the full textbook requirements needed for a Hogwarts University MBA.