Hate Goodbyes? Become a Movie Star

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Movie clip mashups are at their best when they showcase Hollywood antics you've never noticed before. We all know sports movies have inspirational speeches, so seeing a bunch of them together is no surprise... but watching nearly three minutes of people hanging up the phone without saying "Goodbye" makes one realize just how rude the movie world truly is.

We'll bet none of these people would hold the door for you, either.

Seriously, this is an epidemic, stretching back to the classic era and infecting genres from thrillers to comedies to love stories. Time and again, we see people hanging up without signing off, probably while the person on the other end of the line was right in the middle of saying, "Oh, by the way, can you also pick up some milk on the way home?" Some day, our telepathic descendants will look back on this clip at FilmDrunk and share a psychic laugh.

Hopefully, they'll remember to say goodbye before severing their mental links.