Countdown: '24' By 2012?

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Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer was an expert at countering terrorism, but now we're counting the days until Jack can blast his way onto the big screen, and we're locking on a target year of 2012!

Over the nine years the Fox series "24" ran, Bauer was known to outright torture his suspects to prevent the world from blowing up on numerous occasions, but a film based on the series has had a torturous journey of its own, including a script by Billy Ray which was rejected and executive producer Howard Gordon walked off the project.

Recently, Sutherland told The View a revamped version of the film under explosively-inclined producer/director Tony Scott ("Top Gun," "Unstoppable") would be coming our way in 2012, and now producer Brian Grazer has confirmed the date. Grazer is the longtime production partner of Ron Howard, and their Imagine Entertainment was responsible for the show.

Grazer revealed the info via Twitter when a fan named Rob Orr asked: "@RealRonHoward @RealBrianGrazer can you a help a die hard 24 fan? Any info on the film? Will you guys produce?Plz tell me it's happening thx"

Grazer responded: "@bauermulder24 Got off the phone Keifer yesterday and we are very excited about producing the ‘24' movie for next year."

So there you have it. The clock is officially ticking on the "24" movie, which will (thankfully) condense the typical real-time format of the show into a two-hour runtime, thus making it part of cinema's great tradition of "one crazy day!" movies like "Superbad."

We didn't think we could connect "24" with "Superbad" either, but here we are…