Cool Clicks: Jennifer Lawrence Tames Birds

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to...

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Katniss Jennifer Lawrence looks like quite the gorgeous bird tamer on the all-new cover of April's Teen Vogue.

Facebook has the first footage of WETA's ape from "Rise of the Apes." Now that's a glorious movie monkey.

Moviefone had the grace to make casting picks for the lead role in the Jeff Buckley biopic.

Hey, "Scream 4" fans. Myspace will be hosting a Red Carpet Live Stream from the movie's premiere!  Just don't watch with the light out. Never know when that Ghostface killer is lurking...

Get stoked, fart-joke lovers! Check out Total Film's 69 Most Immature Movies.

For movie-loving brides to be, you must check out Green Wedding Shoes "Notebook"-inspired engagement photos. Commence swooning.

Even the worst movies have a silver lining. Funny or Die has seven bad movies that still had something great to offer underneath their mediocrity.

Buzzfeed re-imagines Chewbacca with a classical composer twist.

Forbes lists the 15 wealthiest fictional characters. Watch out, SEC -- Carlisle Cullen might be running a Ponzi scheme.

Who says only adults can kick ass? Entertainment Weekly has 15 bad-ass movie kids who will beat you into a pulp.

Oh Frodo, how we've missed you. Coming Soon chats it up with "The Hobbit" star Elijah Wood.

Movie Martians have definitely come a long way. Empire details the long history of our favorite red planet-dwellers.

As if abandoned carnivals weren't creepy enough, Slashfilm has these hauntingly gorgeous long-exposure photos from the set of "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D"