Jon Favreau Prefers Ford over Eastwood

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Harrison Ford's got some true alien grit.

MTV News caught up with director Jon Favreau to get all the juicy gunslingin', extra-terrestrial invading deets from his upcoming genre mashup movie "Cowboys and Aliens." In the interview, Mr. Favreau discussed his casting decisions, and why he felt that Harrison Ford was a better fit than the iconic lone gunman Clint Eastwood.

"[Eastwood's] definitely someone we would have been very appreciative to work with," said Favreau. "For this genre, Harrison felt like the right guy because he's still vital and exciting . . . but he's also a different generation than Daniel."

You got to respect Mr. Favreau's choices. While Eastwood is the definitive Western movie star, the choice of Ford for the title role still seems pretty legit. For the full "Cowboys and Aliens" scoop, shoot on over to the Splashpage.