Thandie Newton's 'Good Deeds' Go Unpunished

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You know the old axiom that no good deed goes unpunished? Well, turns out that in Hollywood, at least, some good deeds actually get rewarded.

Just ask Thandie Newton.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Newton is about to get her just reward for appearing in Tyler Perry's adaptation of "For Colored Girls" last year: a co-starring role opposite Perry in his upcoming new romantic drama "Good Deeds."

Here's the scoop: Perry will play a guy with the extremely unlikely name of Glen Deeds, who is happily engaged to "an uptown girl," a twist of fate that will no doubt have Billy Joel in tears. Just when everything seems to be going perfectly, however, he runs into a single mom (that's Newton, y'all) who steals his heart and then, well, you know: let the punishment of good ol' Deeds begin.

Newton, of course, teamed with Perry last year in "For Colored Girls," but that was an ensemble piece, meaning she didn't quite the star treatment she'll be receiving with "Good Deeds." Plus, as far as the Perry production machine goes, "For Colored Girls" was a bit atypical in that it didn't feature Perry himself; the fact that he'll be front and center in "Good Deeds" will no doubt give the film a boost with his legions of fans.

All of which adds up to what should be a pretty good "Deed" indeed.