The 8 Best 'Twilight' Parodies Ever Created by Mankind

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There are more "Twilight" spoofs online than amateur porn. That's hyperbole. I'm a guy. I know the amount of porn out there, it's as vast as the stars and the skies. Still, while searching through endless bad parody videos, I felt like someone with an extremely rare fetish looking for a fix.

My more savvy readers (that means you) may be wondering what criteria I used in selecting the best ever "Twilight" parodies. Obviously, taste plays a part in all of these list articles, but I did establish certain standards for judging beyond "Did it make me laugh?"

First, good production. I don't want to feel like I'm watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" (though groin shots will always earn bonus points). Second, originality. So many spoofs out there just do crappy exaggerations of the same three scenes from "Twilight." Third, cleverness. You can make fun of "Twilight," but be clever about it. Don't just say it sucks. Fourth, length. No web video is so funny that it needs to be nine minutes like the Hillywood Show clips (which are great, but, c'mon). Fifth, endurance. Will it hold up or fade due to its topical humor? I like Jimmy Kimmel's "Friggin' Twilight," but those "Jersey Shore" jokes are already tired.

8. 'Dark Moon'

Funny or Die, the web site that regularly convinces A-list stars to appear on the very small screen, got Brandon T. Jackson, Eve and movie critic Ben Lyons to get in on their "Twilight" parody. Rather than focus on typical vampire jokes, this video is all about having an overly sensitive boyfriend. That's something every girl thinks she wants, until she dates one. Take it from a guy who has been that boyfriend.


7. 'Twilight With Cheeseburgers'

The sketch group The Midnight Show puts up consistently hilarious videos. Not only is this one funny, but it also made me see "Twlight" differently. On a surface level, it doesn't seem so hard for Edward not to kill Bella. But think about if she were a walking hamburger and you were starving? That's what humans essentially are to vampires.

6. 'Robert Pattinson is Double Bothered'

On his "Late Night" show (a fitting home for vampire spoofery), Jimmy Fallon blends his impressions of RPattz and Edward Cullen into one. The entire run of "Robert Pattinson is Bothered" videos are hilarious, but this one is especially awesome and proves the sensitive actor can laugh at himself.

5. 'Twilight High School Musical'

I listened to a number of "Twilight" parody songs, but didn't find any that I really liked until this one by Teena Marie. It's not a single song, but a mini-musical that finds the common threads between "The Twilight Saga" and "High School Musical." The composition and performance are surprisingly well done, and there are plenty of jokes that everyone will get, even if you're not a Twi-Hard of a, um, High-Hard?

4. 'Twilight: Three Wolf Moon'

Hipster irony brought back wolf t-shirts. Those same shirts skinny geeks wore in grade school to feel a little tougher now appear on guys who "get it." College Humor hits wolf t-shirts and "Twilight" with one stone. It stars Aubrey Plaza of "Parks and Recreation" fame and will hit home with anyone who has been dumped for a loser.

3. 'Dimlight'

This one, by Take 180, not only spoofs the movie, but Twi-Hards. You could choose to get offended. Obviously, we aren't as delusional as Devin, but we are kind of nuts (some of us more than others). You have to be able to laugh at yourself; otherwise you'll think the Volturi are sending you messages through your neighbor's dog to stalk RPattz.

2. 'Twilight: Modern Warfare 2 Trailer'

I'm not a video game guy. I've never played "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" let alone its sequels, and I still got every joke in this video by XPlay. All you need to know is Edward and Jacob join a task force in a real-life first-person shooter game. Sound too high concept? It's not. And it even gives old jokes (Jacob likes to be topless!) new life.

1. Taylor Swift in 'Firelight'

"SNL's" Digital Shorts are great at taking a simple concept and hammering it until they've wrung all the possible humor out of it. The premise here is replacing vampires with Frankenstein. They're both timeless characters, who viewers know. The punch lines almost write themselves, and by the end you may just find Frankie irresistible, too.

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