Inhale 6 Hilarious Clips from 'Your Highness'

[caption id="attachment_43322" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Universal"]Your Highness[/caption]

Comedic takes on Medieval times have worked out pretty well for Hollywood, with enduring classics like "The Princess Bride"  and "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" still relevant today.

It's been a while since a great one, though, so thank goodness that the latest stoner-take on armor-clad times, "Your Highness," is finally here.

The movie stars funnymen Danny McBride and James Franco as brothers Thadeous and Fabious, respectively, who embark on an epic quest to save Fabious' maiden Belladonna (played by hipster-queen Zooey Deschanel) with some help from the cutthroat archer Isabel (a non-psychotic Natalie Portman).

In other words, imagine "Pineapple Express" set in the 14th century. Get a taste of "Highness" with these six funny clips from the film.

1. Fabious gushes about his profound, frozen-tear love for Belladonna to his traveling companions. Dude, get a hold of yourself.

2. Isabel expresses her desires to wear the skins of those who avenged her like coats as she dances around their corpses. Crazy much?

3. Thadeous requests Isabel return a compass. She denies, and gives his head something to think about instead. Ouch!

4. Fabious asks Thadeous to be the best man at his wedding, with the promise of good lovin' with plenty of bridesmaids.

5. While sitting around the fire, Thadeous suggests that Isabel enjoy the "finer" things in life. File under: lamest pickup lines.

6. Thadeous ensures Isabel that they will protect her with their massive muscles. Thank goodness Fabious is a little more humble.