Lindsay Lohan to Star in Tyler Shields' Charles Manson Flick

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UPDATE: Tyler Shields tells NextMovie exclusively, "There is a lot of truth to [this story], and I'm playing Manson!"


Lindsay Lohan is making a smart move: don't fight the crazy life, embrace it wholeheartedly.

The embattled starlet may be gearing up for a new movie entitled "Eyes of a Dreamer," where she's set to play Sharon Tate, the former spouse of director Roman Polanski and murder victim of the followers of Charles Manson, reports TMZ.

At first glance it's the perfect prestige picture to get Lohan back on her feet. When news follows that the picture may be directed by Tyler Shields, the wild child photographer who shot a shocking set of photos in which Lohan brandishes a gun in her underwear... well, that makes the project sound a lot more insane and heck of a lot more intriguing.

As it stands, Lohan is preparing to return to court in a few months to fight off alleged claims that she stole a necklace from Kamofie & Company, a charge that has stood in the way of returns to the screen, notably in the Linda Lovelace biopic "Inferno."

While it doesn't appear Lohan's life is turning around at any rapid pace (besides impending trials, the starlet was also found face down on the pavement outside of a bar over the weekend, a moment tabloids were quick to pounce on), perhaps her collaboration with Shields is her safest and most artistically fulfilling bet. If there's anyone who can turn her colorful persona and crazed behavior into a sizzling on-screen performance, it's Shields, who would be making his directorial debut with "Dreamer."

Reports have also trickled out that Lohan has returned to New York to audition for more parts, including a bit role in the upcoming "Superman" movie, but teaming up with a reliable friend for a smaller movie may be just the ticket to get the young actress back up and running. The story of Sharon Tate is juicy material and after the dust settles from her legal battles, Lohan wil need a project to throw herself into full-force.

A comeback is a comeback, even if Charles Manson is involved.

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