Big Secret 'Thor' News! Oh My Thunder God!

[caption id="attachment_34551" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Marvel Studios"]Thor[/caption]

We're not fans of spoilers. After all, who wants to have their movie experience deep-sixed by some tattletale who gets their jollies ruining things for everyone else? But when the spoilers are spread by the studio itself, well, that's something else.

Especially when it concerns one of the biggest movies of the summer, like, say, "Thor." Then even we have to get a little bit excited.

So here it is: according to MovieWeb, that long rumored cameo by Oscar winner Jeremy Renner as the battling bowman Hawkeye that people were hoping would be in "Thor?" Well, not only is it real, it's not just a cameo, as Renner will be delivering actual lines of dialogue as part of the plot and everything.

Oh. Em. Thunder-Gee.

It's long been known, of course, that Renner has signed on with Marvel Studios to play Hawkeye in next year's mega-blockbuster "The Avengers." But while the studio does have a history of sneaking cameos into their films in the service of world building (see Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in "Iron Man" and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man in "The Incredible Hulk"), rumors that Renner would debut in a "Thor cameo had been just that -- rumors.

Now, though, it's solid fact thanks to an unlikely source of spoilers: Marvel themselves. Turns out that marvel wanted to add some gas to the "Thor" hype machine, so they screened a special clip for fans at CinemaCon in Las Vegas last night -- a clip that included footage of Renner as Hawkeye appearing opposite ubiquitous SHIELD agent Coulsen (Clark Gregg).

Agent Coulsen, of course, appeared in his own cameo at the end of "Iron Man 2" to help set up "Thor," so Gregg is used to this kind of thing. But we have a feeling this news is going to be a little more exciting for comic fans who have been clamoring for a glimpse of Hawkeye on screen ever since Renner took the part.And the fact that the role appears to be more than just a cameo? Icing on the awesome cake.

Unfortunately, we still don't have any word on whether Renner will be wearing Hawkeye's iconic purple costume, but that's fine.

After all, we don't want to have everything spoiled, now do we?