Juno Temple Will Shine in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

[caption id="attachment_41498" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Juno Temple[/caption]

After slinking around the rumor mills for weeks, it is officially confirmed that doe-eyed Juno Temple has joined the cast of sure-to-be-blockbuster "The Dark Knight Rises."

Though details remain scant, the indie darling will play the role of a "street-smart Gotham girl," Variety recounts.

While that description could mean a whole lot of things —including the possibility that she's a somewhat minor character — speculation has already begun that this role might be something more.

Like what, you ask?

She could be playing Catwoman's sidekick Holly Robinson, a teenage prostitute who rooms with Hathaway’s Selina Kyle/ Catwoman. (How's that for street-smart?) But there's also talk of her snagging the role of the current Batgirl Stephanie Brown.

With Christopher Nolan once again in the director's chair, shooting is set to begin early this summer.

This just goes to show that where one rumor ends, others begin — but for now we'll have to wait it out to see how exactly Temple shines in the next "Dark Knight" adventure.