Rising Star Lily Collins Comes Back to Life for 'Odd Thomas'

[caption id="attachment_26475" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Lily Collins[/caption]

Don't be blind-sided by Lily Collins' forthcoming rise to mega-fame.

Beating out familiar faces like Emma Roberts, Kat Dennings and Portia Doubleday, Variety reports Collins is now the front-runner to co-star in the supernatural action movie "Odd Thomas."

Based on a novel by Dean Koontz, "Odd Thomas" centers on the titular character of the same name, who has the ability to see the dead and tap into his "psychic magnetism" to predict events and prevent crimes. Thomas teams up with his ghostly soulmate Stormy Llewellyn to track down and stop a potential killer nicknamed "Fungus Man."

Stephen Sommers ("The Mummy," "G.I. Joe") is set to direct Anton Yelchin ("Star Trek") as the psychic hero , with Collins taking on the female lead of Stormy.

Collins is on the rise herself -- the actress made her debut in the Oscar-nominated film "The Blind Side" and, afterward, quickly found gigs on "90210" and in this summer's blockbuster "Priest." She'll also be seen co-starring with everyone's favorite werewolf, Taylor Lautner, this fall in the thriller "Abduction" and is set to take on the role of Clary Fray, the lead in "The Mortal Instruments" book adaptations.

Not only is "Odd Thomas" a huge role for the actress, but should also be a showcase for some serious talent. The book deals with heavy themes -- Stormy, for instance, was raped and murdered -- and could be a compelling twist on the ghost story. Sommers especially will have a challenge on his hands, as "G.I. Joe" doesn't exactly scream "sensitivity."

"Odd Thomas" is set to shoot on May 2 with a release set for sometime in 2012, but we should be seeing plenty of Lily Collins before then.