What If Movie Posters Actually Told the Truth?

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Quality moviemaking aside, Hollywood's most striking skill is still probably its ability to sell even the most craptastic product to the masses. It's a gift they have, really, convincing us to run to the theater on the strength of a good trailer or cool poster for a bad movie.

In other words, it's damn good marketing.

The good people at Cracked feel your pain and are fighting back, portraying a series of movie posters as they should've been promoted (we should note it's hardly a new trick -- College Humor gave us hilariously honest posters for 2009's Best Picture nominees).

So Judd Apatow's "Funny People" becomes "Funny" People, "TRON: Legacy" is now "Two Hour Daft Punk Music Video" and Noah Baumbach's "Squid and the Whale" has transformed into "Very Awkward First Date Movie." We can definitely attest to the latter. Sorry, honey.

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