Elizabeth Olsen and Josh Radnor Are 'Liberal Arts' Majors

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Growing up is hard to do… unless you're a rising star of the independent film scene that is.

For Josh Radnor (of "How I Met Your Mother" fame) and Elizabeth Olsen (the younger sister of billionaire twins Mary-Kate and Ashley), moving to the next level of fame seems to be coming along with ease.

Fresh off their respective hits at Sundance—Radnor for "Happythankyoumoreplease" and Olsen for "Martha Marcy May Marlene"—the duo is teaming up for the coming-of-age flick "Liberal Arts."

Written by Radnor, the dramedy focuses on a 35-year-old man (who will also be played by Radnor), still yearning for the life of a college student, who must come to terms with the responsibilities of adulthood.

Olsen will play a 19-year-old college student who falls for Radnor's character over their shared love of music and literature.

Seriously, what could go wrong?

Somehow, their difference in age starts to cause issues, but there's no word on how it all ends up.

Shooting is slated to begin this spring when Radnor's on hiatus from "How I Met Your Mother," The Hollywood Reporter reveals.

Oh, and wonderboy is also going to direct.

Which leads us to believe a liberal arts degree may be useful after all.