Brandon Routh Kicks Undead Butt In 'Dylan Dog' Trailer

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Even though many were disappointed with 2006's "Superman Returns," the consensus was that whatever problems the film had it was not star Brandon Routh, who managed to channel Christpher Reeve while giving the superhero icon his own affable spin.

While he recently lost the Supes role to Henry Cavill, Routh managed to stay on comic fan's radar with a Vegan-tastic part in last year's "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World," and now ventures even deeper into the genre with a long-awaited movie version of Italy's #1 comic book hero, "Dylan Dog."

Although the comic is set in London and the title paranormal detective's likeness is based on Brit actor Rupert Everett of "My Best Friend's Wedding" fame, this Americanized version casts Routh as Dylan and moves the zombiefied action to New Orleans. Besides the walking dead, Dylan has to contend with werewolves, vampires, and other hellish creatures.

Along for the ride is his undead assistant Marcus, played appropriately enough by "Superman Returns" own Jimmy Olsen, Sam Huntington. Believe it or not, in the comics this character is a Groucho Marx lookalike named "Groucho," with the mustache and everything. Europeans!

The film looks decidedly less surreal and melancholic than Tiziano Sclavi's original, but the action looks solid and the entire cast seems to be having a good time with the not-so-serious material. We're excited to see Routh waste some monsters, but if you're curious about what an actual Italian version might look like, check out 1994's "Cemetary Man," which is not based on "Dylan Dog" directly but another book by Sclavi, even though Rupert Everett is the star and dresses like Dylan Dog. Yes, slightly confusing… Europeans, what are you gonna do?

"Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night" just premiered in Italy, and will bow in America on April 29th. Check out the trailer below...