Kenan Thompson Gets the 'Party' Started

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Y'all want this party started, right? Y'all want this party started quickly, right?

Okay, just checking. That was rhetorical; we know you guys love your parties. So get your dancing pants on: Deadline is reporting "SNL" producer Lorne Michaels is about to cast Kenan Thompson in a new flick called "Party Starters."

And here you thought Michaels could never match "Night at the Roxbury."

So just what is "Party Starters" about? According to Deadline, it's "an original high-concept comedy set up at Paramount Pictures about that sort of entertainer guy who gets the old people up to dance at weddings and keeps the party rolling." Sure, why not.

Of course, we understand if you're not totally jazzed about this project just yet. After all, when it comes to putting "SNL" stars into feature films, Michaels hasn't exactly been Scorsese; films like "MacGruber," "Ladies Man," "I'm Pat," "Stuart Saves his Family" and... more... have become the stuff of bargain bin legend.

But we're party people, which is why we have to point out that unlike the "SNL" alums who headlined those films, Thompson actually had a relatively strong film career before he even joined "Saturday Night Live," appearing in movies like "Snakes on a Plane" and some of the "Mighty Ducks" sequels. So at least he knows his way around the camera, right? Plus we already know he loves to sing and dance, as his recurring sketch "What's Up With That" proves every single week.

Kenan Thompson. Lorne Michaels. That sound you hear is the party getting started.