Steven Seagal, Enemy of the Skeleton

[caption id="attachment_41349" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Warner Bros."]Steven Seagal in "Exit Wounds"[/caption]

Want to know how to instantly reduce the crime rate of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, to zero? Simply drive around the area, where actor and bringer of pain Steven Seagal serves as a Reserve Deputy Chief in the Sheriff's office, and broadcast a video of him breaking 101 human bones.

But where would one find such a cinematic creation? Thankfully, the fine folks at FilmDrunk have us covered with a movie clip mash-up featuring Seagal in all his crunch-inducing glory.

Seriously, there is not a skeletal structure in the human body this guy can't shatter. Femurs? Fractured. Tibias? Trashed. Spines? Snapped. Fingers? Don't make us laugh. The snap-crackle-pop sound effects get a little nauseating after the first, oh, 20 breaks, but after a while, it almost becomes hypnotic. Or maybe that's just Seagal's smoldering, kimono-and-ponytail-enhanced gaze. Further investigation may be required.