'The Big Bang' Trailer Is the Antonio Banderas Physicist Noir Action Comedy You've Been Waiting For

[caption id="attachment_41225" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Anchor Bay"]Antonio Banderas in "Big Bang"[/caption]

Take a deep breath. The first look at Antonio Banderas' latest film is going to require your undivided attention.

Debuting at CinemaBlend, the trailer for "The Big Bang" appears to be is a whirlwind of genre-blending kookiness. Part noir, part comedy, part action movie and a whole lot of special effects and physics babble, the snippet of footage ensures that "Big Bang" will be anything but ordinary.

In the film, Banderas plays Ned Cruz, a private detective on the hunt for a client's missing girlfriend and the sizable sum of diamonds she's carrying. As most noirs go, Cruz becomes entangled with a host of colorful characters (played by a spectrum of talented folks) who find interest in his case. Think Coen Bros-lite.

We've got a strung out actor (James Van Der Beek), a porn director (Snoop Dogg), a kinky waitress (Autumn Reeser) and a physicist (Sam Elliott) working in an underground laboratory. Oh, and the police (the esteemed William Fichtner, Delroy Lindo and Thomas Kretschmann) are after Cruz too.

How this all fits together into one coherent plot is anyone's guess, but the trailer features enough "WTF" moments (including Banderas driving away from an imploding desert) to make this one to look out for. Here's hoping this is one of Banderas' "Desperado"-type films and not in the realm of "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever." We don't want that again.

"The Big Bang" hits theaters May 13.