One of These Hot Ladies May Be In the 'Total Recall' Remake

[caption id="attachment_2829" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Eva Mendes[/caption]

The remake of "Total Recall" has been chugging along so quietly that you might have forgotten it was even happening.

But it's still on, and set to be directed by Len Wiseman. Colin Farrell is starring as Douglas Quaid, who was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original. (How would you like to try and fill those shoes?)

But "Total Recall" needs women. In fact, it needs two of them.

Someone has to play Lori, Quaid's wife, who seems sweet and supportive, but winds up trying to kill him once he regains his memories and identity. Lori was played by Sharon Stone in the original film, making her high heels just as formidable to fill (if not more so!) than Schwarzenegger's.

According to Deadline, Kate Bosworth and Eva Mendes are the possible picks. Diane Kruger was in the race, but she decided slapping around Farrell wasn't for her, and dropped out of contention.

The other big role is Melina, who was played by Rachel Ticotin originally. Melina was Quaid's girlfriend on Mars prior to his memories being scrambled, and joins him in his fight to free the red planet and get revenge. Eva Mendes and Paula Patton are both vying for the role, though Jessica Biel or Eva Green may walk in and steal it from either of them.

They're all formidable, they're all gorgeous and they're all capable of giving Farrell a run for his old Mars life. Who will it be? Stay tuned.

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