Movie Titles + Math = Really Hard

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Remember how much fun you had in high school algebra? Put your hand down, Poindexter. For most of us, that time was spent daydreaming about the totally awesome Boba Fett origin movie we know we could make on a shoestring budget and wondering just what possible scenario in the real world would require us to know what a cosine is.

And then someone comes along with something like this illustration of movie titles using mathematical equations and principles, and we're flummoxed. Who knew numbers were actually useful?

If the current comments thread is to be believed, these equations at Spikedmath are real stumpers, even for folks who are down with the digits, so we advise a full brain stretching routine before attempting them, lest you pull something. And if you do figure out why we need to know what a cosine is, definitely drop us a line.