Governator Loves 'True Lies 2' Script

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Now that California's been Governated, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a lot of time on his hands, and purportedly wants to get back to what he does best, i.e. snapping bad guy necks, using them as human shields, and making a barely discernible quip. Onscreen.

Many of the franchises he put on the map have found a way to carry on without him during his term in office, be it Predators, Terminators, Conans, Total Recalls, even Batmans. How the latter has managed to "kick some ice" without him we'll never know. It seemed very possible that another of his signature roles, superspy Harry Tasker in "True Lies," was going to be turned into a TV show, but the 1994 action-comedy may get a proper sequel yet.

According to Movieweb, the "highly reliable" Tom Arnold, who played Tasker's motormouth sidekick Gib, is certain that there's a possibility where they may get to maybe make "True Lies 2"… perhaps.

"We have both read the script," said Arnold. "There is a script that James Cameron and a guy named Jeff Eastin, who created the TV show 'White Collar,' wrote. It is really great. Jim can't direct it. But he can produce it. We hope it gets done. We have a few fun things we want to do. I am supposed to remain cool about this… There is a list of really good directors. There have always been people who were interested in doing it. I let those guys handle that. I put in my two cents."

In his pre-Na'vi days James Cameron really did want to create further adventures of the two Arnolds and Jaime Lee Curtis balancing the safety of the free world with petty domestic problems, but post-9/11 sensitivities coupled with the Austrian Oak's eight-year absence from acting made it impossible to coordinate his systematic destruction of cartoon Middle Eastern terrorists. Onscreen.

Still, we'd really love to see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold parachuted into various war zone hotspots, be it Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya, if only to watch two borderline geriatrics light up bad guys with flamethrowers, Uzis, and so on.