Rebecca Hall Is Beautiful as Usual in 'A Bag of Hammers' Trailer

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South by Southwest is slowly coming to close. Are we sad? Of course. For every new movie release, there's a trailer. They're like bits of happiness that can be cracked open during work -- assuming your PC monitor isn't in your boss's eye line.

The latest trailer from the fest, "A Bag of Hammers," was posted to the web in conjunction with film's premiere. The footage is delightful, mostly because it features the impossibly beautiful Rebecca Hall.

"A Bag of Hammers" is the debut full-length film for director Brian Crano, who worked with Hall on two previous shorts, "Official Selection" and "Rubberheart." The story follows two con men named Alan and Ben, Alan's sister and a doomed young boy. From all the grave robbing we see in the trailer, it's safe to assume this is a dark comedy.

And what's the title refer to? That's still a mystery, though something tells us that little kid at the end of trailer shouldn't be hurling tools at glass bottles. That doesn't seem safe.

Until the film finds a buyer, we won't know an official release date. If you have gobs of money and want to make the investment, here's the film's website.