6 Rad Clips from 'Red Riding Hood'

[caption id="attachment_38830" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."]Red Riding Hood[/caption]

"Red Riding Hood" has all the right ingredients: a pair of sexy young actors (Amanda Seyfried and Shiloh Fernandez); a renowned director (Catherine Hardwicke) with a blockbuster supernatural romance ("Twilight") already under her belt; a premise based on a classic story we all know and love; and of course, WEREWOLVES!

Will all this add up to one of the most memorable movie thrillers in recent memory?

Movie fans can only hope "Red Riding Hood" rips our faces off with its wolfy claws of movie magic.

Before you head to the theater in your hood to catch "Red Riding," here are six clips to whet your appetite.

1. Valerie (Seyfried) expresses her longing desires to be with Peter (Fernandez), but he is seemingly reluctant to give in to her attraction. Come on man, who else in the village could possibly be hotter than Valerie?

2. Henry (Max Irons) and Peter argue while concocting a sneaky escape plan to free Valerie, only on the condition that neither of them is the terrifying wolf. Think about it dudes, if one of you was the wolf, the other would be dead by now.

3. Henry grows increasingly suspicious of Valerie's grandmother's interrogating questions and becomes convinced that she is in fact the wolf that has been terrorizing the village. Do wolves also suffer from arthritis?

4. Solomon warns the townsfolk that the wolf is living and breathing in their very own village, and may even be one of their closest companions. You can trust Gary Oldman to get this done, he did help capture The Joker after all.

5. While conversing over a raging fire , Valerie tells grandmother that the wolf spoke to her before being shocked by a sudden crash. Hmm, what can that hairy monster be planning?

6. Valerie and Roxanne (Shauna Kain) enjoy a town fiesta until the snarling wolf breaks through and savagely attacks the villagers. What a buzzkill.