Posterizing 'Paul' and Duncan Jones

[caption id="attachment_37569" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Mondo"][/caption]

In a time when studios are content to put a couple of floating heads on a sheet of paper and call it a promotional poster, where is a fan of creative movie-based art to turn? South, dear friends, to awesome independent movie theater Alamo Drafthouse and its associated art boutique, Mondo.

The fine folks there have been churning out incredible, stylish movie posters for a while now, with subjects ranging from "Star Wars" to "There Will Be Blood," and a trio of their latest offerings shows that they don't intend to stop blowing our minds any time soon.

First up is a piece for the upcoming on-screen reunion of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Greg Mottola's "Paul."

Even more intriguing are the posters for "Moon" and "Source Code," created by artist Olly Moss to celebrate Alamo Drafthouse's selection of Duncan Jones for its "Director's Series." The "Moon" poster sells the Sam Rockwell-starring sci-fi film as the '60s-throwback mind-f*** it was, while the "Source Code" piece recalls classic noir and a Hitchcockian sense of isolation.

Check out more from Mondo if you dig this kind of thing, and look for three more new designs coming soon to coincide with SXSW.