Giddyup With 3 Cool Clips from 'Rango'

[caption id="attachment_37398" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Paramount"]Rango[/caption]

Westerns and animation are two of the most beloved movie genres around. But combining them in one grand-slam movie epic sounds like a dangerous mix.

Well, lucky for you moviegoers out there, danger is "Rango's" middle name.

In this surefire hit, the eccentric Johnny Depp is the titular lizard, who must help the residents of a town called Dirt obtain drinking water before they perish from drought. Add in hilarious physical comedy, witty dialogue and a touching, sincere message, and "Rango" makes for one of the best Westerns we've seen in years.

Check out three amusing clips from the movie below.

1. Rango enjoys a peaceful rest inside a cozy soda-bottle, until a screeching bird attempts to turn him into lunch. Who knew that Coca-Cola bottles would make such great treadmills?

2. After taking a rock to the back of the head, Rango and Priscilla exchange "funny" insults before she tells Rango that he's doomed not to last long in Dirt. Ouch, Priscilla.

3. Rango runs into the uptight Beans, and mistakenly starts tasting her father's ashes (no, not those ashes).