9 'Jackass' Spin-offs We'd Pay to Watch

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Spin-offs are inevitable when something in Hollywood becomes successful. While "Jackass" will never be nominated for an Oscar (well, not until the Academy recognizes Achievement in Excrement), the three movies have grossed over $330 million worldwide.

Especially after the hugely successful release of "Jackass 3" (on DVD and Blu-ray today), this franchise is primed for a few movie spin-offs.

Since we haven't heard of any in the works, we took the liberty of devising nine concepts. Please comment below and tell us which one you like best. Hey, if you give us some valuable insight, maybe we'll make you an executive producer when we sell the spin-off. Well, or at least a production assistant.

1. "Badass"

Mario Van Peebles' 2003 film "BAADASSSSS!" is a tribute to his father's role in helping create the Blaxploitation genre during the '70s. This movie would be the "Jackass" tribute to that era. The entire cast returns and perform stunts much like those in their prior films – but this time, while wearing crushed velvet suits and fedoras. A number of Blaxploitation actors will also make cameos, while Quentin Tarantino directs.

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2. "Fatass"

Preston Lacy is the only heavyset "Jackass" cast member and usually ends up as the butt of many jokes (also, many jokes involve his butt). That cannot be easy on a man's psyche. This documentary explores the world of Preston Lacy off camera. Just who is this large man when he's not farting into a mask worn by Steve-O? Does he fart at home like that, around his wife and children? Does he cry at night after Knoxville and the boys torment him? And just how many cheeseburgers can he eat in one sitting?

3. "Wiseass"

Hundreds of mafia members are arrested and jailed each year. Many of them receive long sentences and often die of old age while incarcerated. Combining our love of wise guys and stunts, this concept uses these prisoners to recreate a variety of the franchise's most painful and humiliating stunts. Think about it, these mobsters preyed on innocent citizens. Wouldn't you love seeing them shot into the air inside a Porta-Potti?

4. "Lameass"

Too many of today's children become geeks who sit inside all day on their computer or Playstation while their muscles atrophy. This film would be Jackass's way of helping the next generation. Besides, Steve-O has to have some community service left on his record. The guys take these lame kids and force them to do dangerous, physically taxing stunts. They'll get exercise while running away from tasers and bulls, and the adrenaline rush will keep them coming back for more.

5. "Smartass"

No doubt wanting to branch away from only reality-based movies, we can see the "Jackass" guys writing a teen comedy film set in the future. This script would portray a world where educators have revived interest in competitions like spelling bees, mathletes and academic decathlons by forcing contestants to do heinous stunts for every wrong answer. This addition does wonders for the event's TV coverage, which makes school cool again. Everybody wins.

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6. "Kissass"

One predominate criticism of the "Jackass" films is they don't appeal to female audiences. Women like story and romance. This concept would give them both in a "Jackass"-style romantic comedy. The storyline would follow a stuntman as he falls in love with a high-powered executive. She doesn't want anything to do with a low-life like him until he performs the biggest stunt of his life and risks his life for her love. They get married by the end and he even learns to enjoy spooning.

7. "Whoopass"

The "Jackass" guys have battled professional boxers and martial artists in stunts before – and they usually end with them getting knocked out. Since that is always fun to watch, how about an entire documentary where each cast member trains in a different fighting discipline and then competes in professional matches? The audience gets to see tons of violence and knockouts. In a twist-ending, the cast comes together to fight each other in an mixed martial arts brawl until only one man is left standing.

8. "Dumbass"

In another scripted performance, the "Jackass" guys all play themselves in a road trip comedy. This story begins with the crew dying of boredom because they cannot find any more dangerous stunts to do without killing themselves. Johnny Knoxville gets the bright idea to find their dumbest fan in America and convince him to do a death-defying stunt. They set off across the country in search of their stupidest fan. But in the end, the dumbest one of all teaches them all a valuable lesson about respect for others.

9. "Kickass"

This movie would be one of the most anticipated superhero adventures of the year. Just like the "Jackass" guys, the heroes are just normal people who don't mind placing themselves in extreme danger. However, instead of doing it for fun, they do it to fight crime. The main character, a teenager named Kickass, decides to become a masked avenger to impress a girl. His "heroics" instead inspire others to do the same. In the end, an underage hero name Hit-Girl (or something) helps save the day.