James Franco Vs. Anne Hathaway (Versus Oscar Edition)

[caption id="attachment_35825" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="ABC"]James Franco and Anne Hathaway[/caption]

With the Academy Awards airing this Sunday, much attention is being placed on the show's young hosts, actors Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

We think they'll make a great team since their careers have followed such a shockingly similar path.

So similar, in fact, that we decided to put them head-to-head in a career-off of epic proportions. Which of these performers has what it takes to win?

Short-Lived TV Show

Franco: "Freaks & Geeks" is the landmark chronicle of life among outcast high schoolers in 1980s Michigan. Besides launching Franco, Jason Segel, Linda Cardellini, and Seth Rogen, the Judd Apatow-produced 18-episode run is one of the most beloved in TV history.

Hathaway: Running in the same 1999 TV season as "Freaks" was FOX's "Get Real," about a San Francisco family that also included future Facebook founder Jesse Eisenberg. It had a 22-episode run.

Winner: Franco, by a mile… make that several million miles.

Dead Writer

Franco: Played 1950s New York beat poet Allen Ginsberg in "Howl."

Hathaway: Played early 1800s romantic author Jane Austen in "Becoming Jane."

Winner: James "the bookworm" Franco. Hathaway was well cast, but Yale Ph.D English student Franco knows his lit.

Superhero Villains

[caption id="attachment_35830" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Sony"]Spider-Man 2[/caption]

Franco: Over Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man 2" and  "3" he evolved into the New Green Goblin after the death of his father, Norman Osborne, and tossed a few pumpkin bombs Spidey's way.

Hathaway: Recently cast as Selena Kyle, aka Catwoman in Chris Nolan's Batman threequel "The Dark Knight Rises" and, like Franco's Goblin, Catwoman has been known to alternate as both villain and ally to the title hero.

Winner: Even though the new Batman hasn't started shooting yet, Hathaway for some reason. Me-owwww.

Gay Cred

Franco: Played the young lover of gay activist and politician Harvey Milk in Gus Van Sant's Oscar-winning "Milk." (Also: "Howl.")

Hathaway: Played the country-fried rodeo gal wife of Heath Ledger's high-altitude boytoy Jake Gyllenhaal in Ang Lee's Oscar-winning "Brokeback Mountain."

Winner: Hathaway brought the nudity, but Franco made a 12-hour documentary about Van Sant's "My Own Private Idaho." Tie.

Princess Flicks

[caption id="attachment_35828" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Disney"]The Princess Diaries[/caption]

Franco: Franco starred as the second-in-line to Britain's throne who falls for an Irish princess (Sophia Myles), yet "Tristan & Isolde" couldn't overcome bad reviews and piss-poor box-office.

Hathaway: Hathaway made her film debut in the smash hit "The Princess Diaries" as an average teenager who discovers she's heir to the throne of a (fictional) country.

Winner: Hathaway, especially since she used it as a launching vehicle to instant stardom, and despite the fact that the sequel is her…

Most Embarrassing Film on Resume

Franco: With its 3 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, and seemingly endless delayed release, 2002's period street gang drama "Deuces Wild" was less "West Side Story" and more "Crap Side Story."

Hathaway: "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" takes the cake, although her turn in misguided musical "Ella Enchanted" is a close second.

Winner: Franco. Say what you will about some of Hathaway's choices, her films still bring home the bacon at the box-office.

Steve Carell Comedy

[caption id="attachment_35831" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."]Anne Hathaway in Get Smart[/caption]

Franco: He cameoed in "Date Night" as the criminal who Carell is mistaken for.

Hathaway: She co-starred with Carell for the big-screen version of classic TV comedy "Get Smart."

Winner: Hathaway, who brought the same sexy-cute spirit to the role of Agent 99 as original star Barbara Feldon.

Chick Bait

Franco: In "Eat Pray Love," Franco has an intense romantic relationship with Julia Roberts, who was also in "Valentine's Day."

Hathaway: In "Valentines Day," Hathaway has an intense romantic relationship with Topher Grace, who may or may not have made a cameo in "Eat Pray Love" as a scoop of gelato.

Winner: Tie.

TV Guest Shots

Franco: His appearance on "30 Rock" was particularly memorable, as he played himself starting a fake PR relationship with Jane Krakowski's character to counter the reality that he's in love with a Japanese body pillow.

Hathaway: She's made two appearances on "The Simpsons," and is a genuine fan of the animated family, saying her casting "might be the most exciting thing" that has ever happened to her. Her second appearance, as Princess Penelope, earned her an Emmy for Outstanding Voiceover, and proved she was willing to poke fun at her frequent royal roles.

Winner: Hathaway, if for no other reason than her line to Krusty, "We'll always have Sideshow Mel's dressing room."

Oscar Bait

[caption id="attachment_17580" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Fox Searchlight"]James Franco in 127 Hours[/caption]

Franco: At this point every bad "losing an arm" pun has been made in reference to his role in "127 Hours," but the fact that he's so commanding in the virtually solo performance gives him a leg up against the competition this year.

Hathaway: "Rachel Getting Married" was Hathaway's first opportunity to abandon her goody-two-shoes image in a lead role as twelve-stepping drug addict Kym, and she got a nomination for her trouble but lost to Kate Winslet ("The Reader").

Winner: Franco, who has the upper-hand over his co-host. (Apologies to Aron Ralston.)

Drug-Inspired Fantasy

Franco: The upcoming "Your Highness" reunites the actor with his "Pineapple Express" cohorts Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green for an extremely filthy comedic take on the sword & sorcery genre.

Hathaway: "Alice in Wonderland" was a fun trip down the rabbit hole for Anne, plus she gets extra points for making her White Queen resemble Italian porn queen Cicciolina.

Winner: Franco. Even though "Highness" hasn't come out yet, the hilarious trailer and "Pineapple Express" goodwill is more than a match for Johnny Depp wearing weird contact lenses.


It's Franco in a photo-finish. With Franco winning 5 categories, Hathaway taking 4, and two ties, it was definitely close, but it seems like his foray into higher education put him over the top. If you're gonna keep up, Anne, maybe start studying linguistics at the Sorbonne?