Hurwitz Is 'Boss of It All,' 'Arrested Development' on Hold

[caption id="attachment_8961" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Fox"]Arrested Development[/caption]

Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of "Arrested Development," is attached to direct a remake of "The Boss of It All," a dark office-place comedy by Norwegian-director/provocateur Lars von Trier.

Will "Arrested Development" ever escape development hell? And what's this about a Lars Von Tier comedy?

"Arrested Development" alumni Ron Howard and Brian Grazer will produce and Emma Frost (the writer on Showtime's "Shameless", not the X-men character) will pen the script. It might surprise causal von Trier fans that the masochistic director known for movies with barebones sets, graphic sexual violence and soul-crushing third act twists, directed a comedy. That it was funny is the real surprise.

There's a twisted logic that propels the scenes forward in this biting story that's more "Dinner for Schmucks" than "The Office.". The real boss of a small technology company is a meek jerk who lies to his employees about a fictional superior so they won't hate him for being the bearer of bad news. When a larger company seeks to make an acquisition, and starts asking about "The Boss of It All," the real boss hires an actor play the fake boss. Of course, the fake boss grows ever more comfortable in the role.

We will probably never get the "Arrested Development" movie, but how about you spin this into a reunion project? Maybe hire Jason Bateman and Will Arnett to work opposite one another?