Gerard Butler Will Be 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel and Uma

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When Gerard Butler wants to kick butt, he's fully capable of doing so. The proof's in the pudding: "300," "RocknRolla," "Gamer" - all prime examples of the man's innate action star qualities.

But when he wants to get cuddly-wuddly and romance beautiful women, he makes it happen. Thus, his double life as a rom-com star, appearing in movies like "P.S. I Love You," "The Ugly Truth," "The Bounty Hunter" and now "Playing the Field," which Variety has announced will co-star the beautiful Jessica Biel and Uma Thurman.

The story centers on a former professional soccer player who takes on the role of head soccer coach to a youth soccer team, in a desperate move to become closer to his son. This opens the floodgates for hilarious flirting and mishaps with the many soccer moms. And maybe a soccer dad or two too. You never know.

Biel is set to play Butler's character's ex-wife, while Thurman will play one of the mom's eyeing up the rugged coach. The film will be directed by Gabriele Muccino, who previously teamed up with Will Smith for both "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "Seven Pounds." Butler is also a producer on the film, meaning he gets to pick which gorgeous women star with him in movies. Not a bad gig.

While we love to see Butler running around, firing guns or screaming like mad man at his enemies, the actor has enough charm to make the often stale rom-com genre watchable. Plus, with two funny lady co-stars, "Playing the Field" could be one to watch in 2012.