'Dark Knight Rises' Fan Posters Rise

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Christopher Nolan's third Bat-movie, "The Dark Knight Rises," is still in Bat-pre-production, meaning any true promotional material for the film is still quite a ways off.

Far be it from the denizens of the 'Net, however, to exhibit any patience. Instead, the enterprising artists of cyberspace have taken it upon themselves to craft a number of would-be movie posters for this climactic installment, and the folks at Buzzfeed have compiled a collection for your perusal.

Results, as they say, vary.

Some were crafted before recent casting announcements and feature the villain everyone thought would be Batman's nemesis this time around, the Riddler. Some are inspired integrations of the series' iconography with the actors and characters we know to be appearing in the flick, namely Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle/Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane. And some are just straight-up fan-wanks (we're looking at you, Zombie Batman).

Thankfully, neon trappings and nippled bat-suits are nowhere to be seen.