Super-Cool Movie Buttons for Super-Cool "Movieholics"

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Long before digital profiles and intangible badges, young folk festooned dirty backpacks and army jackets with 1/2" buttons, material bits of self-identification. Flair, if will. 

Weggart, an online jewelry and buttons shop, exists in a world where buttons are still trendy – and it is beautiful.

They have all sorts of fastens – Beatles, Rubik's cubes, Hershey bars – but our favorites are movie-related (natch). With a memorable quote and minimalistic character, these film buttons range from "Blade Runner" and "Aliens" to "Carrie" and "Clockwork Orange."

Movie buffs that prefer the more on the nose button will enjoy what Weggart has to offer at the bottom of the page: "Movieholic" buttons, a picture of a cocktail with a reel of film where there'd normally be a lemon wedge.

Movies. They're like alcoholism, but way less dangerous.