Michel Gondry Goes Back to Oddball Sci-Fi with Philip K. Dick's 'Ubik'

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In the aftermath of his first big studio action/comedy "The Green Hornet," Michel Gondry is headed back to familiar territory - the non-familiar.

According to The Playlist, Gondry will direct a big screen version of sci-fi author Philip K. Dick's "Ubik," a book Playlist notes was selected for Time's 100 greatest English-language novels of all time. Like most of Dick's fiction, the plot sounds twisty and turny, concerning a group of security agents who battle psychic infiltration and a mission to the Moon that goes awry. The titular Ubik is a cure-all drug and a key component of the story.

What's it all mean? We'll let Gondry tell us.

This won't be the first time "Ubik" has been attempted as a film - in 2008, production company Celluloid Dreams optioned the book for filming in 2009 but never got off the ground. Now Gondry will take a stab at writing and directing the film. From the sounds of the scope, "Ubik" may fall somewhere between his more personal films like "Eternal Sunshine" and "Science of Sleep" and the bigger undertaking of "Green Hornet."

Not much is known about the timeline for the movie's production, but a new Gondry picture is always one to get excited for - especially if he has full control. When the director gets to play in his sandbox of odd characters, off-kilter storylines and unique visuals, he's on fire. "Ubik" couldn't sound more perfect for his sensibilities.