'Star Wars: Episode IV' Retold With Bathroom People

[caption id="attachment_32195" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Wayne Dorrington"][/caption]

You want to watch "Star Wars: Episode IV" right now. Who wouldn't – it's only one of the greatest films of all time. There's a problem: you can't watch a movie in the middle of a day. You're in an office. Or a classroom. Or maybe you don't own a copy of the movie, which, you know, let's not even imagine that's a possibility.

Artist Wayne Dorrington has us covered with a retelling of the film using what he calls "iconoscope" and what we call "the faceless rounded people on bathroom signs."

Wayne divided the film into 32 frames, using static representations of the cast, along with lines and symbols to covey the most important and dramatic bits. Our favorite, when taken out of context, is frame number 9. The squeezed Luke and Co. look like action figures being tortured by the vise in a high school shop class. What's your fave?