Brad Garrett Moves To David Chase's Musical Movie

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When you hear that "The Sopranos" creator David Chase is making his feature film debut, you might assume it would be another mob drama. Especially if James Gandolfini were set to star. And you would be wrong.

Chase's untitled film debut will actually be a music-driven story set in a 1960s suburbia and Paramount reveals that "Everybody Loves Raymond" star Brad Garrett has joined the cast as a composer and music producer, presumably the origin (or the assistant) of a lot of the film's music.

The cast includes Bella Heathcoate, Christopher McDonald, Molly Price, Lisa Lampanelli, John Margaro, and Jack Huston. Wait, Jack Huston of "Boardwalk Empire"?

And they're sure this isn't a crime drama...? Is Garrett a music producer tied in with the mob?

Not in the slightest, insists Chase. It centers on "a postwar, post-Depression era parent who has given his kid every advantage that he didn't have growing up, but now can't help feeling jealous of the liberated, more adventurous destiny his son is able to enjoy."

We're not entirely sure if it is an actual musical, or if it's just going to feature a lot of 1960s tunes. But with Steven Van Zandt supervising the music, we're sure it's going to rock.

Wait, Van Zandt? He was in "The Sopranos" too. They're sure this isn't tied in with New Jersey's organized crime? You could sing a lot of songs about that....